Belt Ranks

“Belt ranks are a way to both measure progress and a responsibility to maintain the character and skill of each rank”

Belt System

White Belt: The White Belt symbolizes a fresh start. When we give our lives to the Lord, though our sins are as scarlet, He will make them white as snow. This color symbolizes a clean slate, just as the martial artist is as he enters his journey.

Yellow Belt: The Yellow Belt symbolizes the light as Christ brings light to the darkness. A student who achieves Yellow Belt begins to experience this light in their knowledge of martial arts.

Orange Belt: The Orange Belt symbolizes the heat of the sun, the trials and temptations that each Christian must go through just as Jesus did in his forty days in the wilderness. An Orange Belt begins to understand the challenge of martial arts and the dedication and perseverance it takes to succeed.

Green Belt: The Green Belt symbolizes new life as we have begun a new life in Christ. For the martial artist this also symbolizes new life and maturity in their understanding of their journey.

Blue Belt: The Blue Belt symbolizes the water, the waters of Creation, the waters of the Flood, and the waters of Baptism, thus tying us to the Old Testament Creation and Covenant, and the New Testament Covenant of Grace in Baptism. The martial artist who has achieved this rank has shown a new commitment as he has now entered the senior ranks of Tang Soo Do.

Red Belt: The Red Belt symbolizes Christ’s blood shed for our sins. The student at Red Belt realizes the commitment and sacrifice it takes to live a life of Honor as a martial artist and a follower of Jesus.

Brown Belt: Brown represents the Cross of Christ, the Cross where Jesus paid for our sins, and the Cross we all must take up to follow Him. The Cross of the martial arts student is his responsibility to live a life of discipline in an undisciplined world.

Black Belt: The Black Belt represents maturity. As a Christian it means living a life wholly devoted to the Lord in both word and deed. As a martial artist it means living that Christian walk with Honor, Wisdom and Integrity.

Our Belt Ranks are nationally recognized

“The Christian Martial Arts System is doing and excellent job of providing a strong program that our student’s enjoy”

– Shawn Dayton 
Middle School Teacher CCA