The Five Codes

“Martial Art Students live by a code, a set of rules that guide how we treat each other. Part of Character Development is adhering to a code of honor”

Our Five Codes

Loyalty to God: There is one God, and we are to have no other gods before Him. This includes all worldly things. If there is any one thing we value or desire more than God, then it becomes a “god” to us, and that is a violation of our first code and the First Commandment.

Obey Parents: Parents deserve our respect and our love. God gave you the parent or parents you currently have; you did not pick them but God did. Honoring your father and mother is also one of the Ten Commandments. In our case “your parents” refers to anyone who has authority in your life — your teachers, the principal, your pastor even an older brother or sister that takes care of you. As a martial artist with honor you need to show them respect.

Honor Friendship: Our friends can be a gift from God. How we treat them reflects not only on you but on God as well. We as Christian Martial Artists must treat our friends with the same kind of love, respect and kindness that our Lord Jesus treated His friends.

Achieve Your Goals: We each have goals in our lives — going to college, getting straight A’s, or winning a competition. All goals take strategy and perseverance to achieve them. As a martial artist and working toward the goal of achieving a black belt, we understand that no goals worth pursuing can be achieved easily. As a Christian Martial Artist we are making a commitment to perseverance to achieve our goals.

In Battle use Sense and Wisdom: Battle refers to our daily struggles. As a Christian we are given the armor of God to protect ourselves from all the flaming arrows and attacks this world throws at us. While anyone can react with a hasty angry response, a Christian Martial Artist learns to control his anger and react with wisdom not anger.